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Preserve Old Home Movies

Old film projectors, cassette players, and Betamax players aren't exactly convenient. Video converters do exist, but the film still needs to be cleaned to protect the integrity of the footage. Holder Printworks in Madison, Wisconsin, takes the proper care for home movie restoration and audio conversion. We hope that you're so happy with these services that you also consider us when you need help to organize old photos.

Convert Home Movies to Blu-ray™ or DVD!

Any home movie, wedding video, or personal film that you have, old and new, can be edited and restored by Holder Printworks and converted to DVD or Blu-ray. Film can be edited to remove unwanted footage or to tell the story you want to be told. The film can even be split up into chapters and given a menu format, just like a DVD or Blu-ray that you'd buy at a video store. Old, silent film reels that don't have audio can have music from that time period set for the film. When you hire us, you retain creative control and get to review the final product before we finalize it. See a list of the formats that we restore below:

8mm Film | 16mm Film | VHS | Betamax | PAL & SECAM (Foreign Formats)

Collection of Old Video Items

Audio Cassette

Preserve Your Favorite Music & Audio

Do you still have that old mix-tape that a special someone made for you? Perhaps you want to show your kids what music sounded like back when musicians played instruments. Holder Printworks provides audio conversion services to preserve old audio formats on CD or other digital formats. The types of the old formats we preserve include:

Vinyl | LPs | 45s | Mini Disc | DAT | Audiotapes | Audio Cassette