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What is a yearbook?

A year book is a creative way to express and share all the wonderful photos you have taken throughout the year. We know your smartphone is filled with goofy, funny and memorable photos ever since you got it, but sometimes it’s hard to share those photos with all your loved ones. Sure you can put a few on Facebook or Instagram, but is that the way you want to have a keepsake?  A yearbook allows you to take about 450 of your best photos and make an awesome book that you can share and keep for years to come.

2019 Yearbook

How does my family make a yearbook?

  1. Collect the best photos from all your friends and family for a year
  2. Make a shared album or USB stick and send to us
  3. We will sort your photos chronologically, make sure you highlight some of your favorites!
  4. We will make a digital layout and share it with you for feedback.
  5. Finalize your design (add captions if needed) and print
  6. 10 days later you will have a beautiful, quality photo book in your hands

How much does a yearbook cost?

A typical yearbook will cost $249, captions and extra text, are an additional fee

Can I get extra copies?

Sure, as many as you want! Extra copies are $145.

What type of paper is it printed?

Your yearbook will be printed on acid free semi-gloss paper with a beautiful hard cover and dust jacket.

Why should I create a yearbook for my photos?

We always make that promise to print those special photos for friends and love ones and seldom do we follow through. Those pictures then end up in the bowels of our phones or on the cloud. Secondly, if you were to print 450 photos it would cost twice as much and all you will have is a jumble set of photos with no captions or context.

Think of a yearbook as the album your mom meticulously made in 1994, but better! No plastic sleeves, no adhesive, thinner, more pictures and best of all your in-laws can’t steal photos from it!  If your siblings decide they want a copy of it, easy-peasy, we can print and exact copy, try doing that with your mom’s photo album!

What if my pictures are not digital?

 We can digitize them for you and now you are ready to go!

I don’t think I can come up with 450 photos I like, what should I do?

We can make a yearbook with as little as 100 photos or as many as 600, but we found that 450 is a great amount to express your life in photos for a year! 

What if my pictures are not from the same year?

Does not matter to us, we can even make a yearbook of your daughter’s wedding from 2014!  Trips over the years to your cabin, trip to Barcelona last year, wine drinking sessions with your girlfriends during Covid, absolutely ( you may require 2 books for that!)

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