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Make Your Own Video Memoir

Every person has a story, and every family has a history worth saving. Too often, these stories are lost over time, with the aging and passing of family members. The Holder Printworks video memoir service in Madison, Wisconsin, allows your family to preserve the unique stories of generations of loved ones, by video recording them as they are interviewed in HD video. Now their voice can remain for generations to come!

Audiovisual Equipment Rental

Holder Printworks will provide everything you need to preserve those stories. We equip you with a Canon™ HD camera, microphone, and all the equipment and information you need. We even give you an interview script as a guide. Sit with your loved one, enjoy a great conversation, and record them sharing stories from as far back as they remember.

Video Editing by Holder Printworks

You capture the video, and we do the rest. You receive two copies of a beautifully edited, customized DVD or Blu-Ray disc with a lifetime guarantee. As with our audio and video transfer, you retain creative control. Most importantly, you'll have the assurance that your grandchildren and great grandchildren will be able to hear and see the stories your family has been telling for decades. Your family's video memoir will ensure that the sparkle in your mother's eyes or the raspy chuckle of your grandfather telling war stories will be preserved forever in digital. We know you've been thinking about it—it's time to act!

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