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"My wife and I have agonized for years about how we'd ever find a way to conveniently view all our family slides and films just accumulating dust in the basement. What does one do with nearly sixty-five hundred 35mm slides? Then I met Joyal Holder (Holder Printworks), who took charge of the project for us. I found him to be thoroughly honest, most pleasant to work with, and very professionally adept at converting our cluttered trove of memories to convenient DVDs. He is passionate about helping families like ours recover and celebrate sweet moments of our lives. And he does so at a most reasonable price. I highly recommend him."
- Boyd Gibbons, Spring Green, WI.

"I brought a HUGE job to Joyal...19 reels of 8mm film from the 1950-60's. He is saving them and being so skillful and patient and caring. It takes a lot of time and love to do this, but one gets back the love tenfold, and the time...Well, Joyal is very patient with people like me who don't seem to have much free time."
- Susan Hering

"Joyal was so great to work with! We were so happy with the finished results:)"
- Kelly Hefti Wilhelm

"Most meaningful gift I have ever given. Thank You.
- Marsha Knutson, Minneapolis, MN

"WOW! You do great work. Thank you so much for all your work. When we started this project, I thought we just would have all our stuff transferred to DVDs and that's it. You made it so much better. It's on Blu-ray and has all the scene selections and pictures. It is so much nicer and easier to use than I thought it could be. Thanks again for your work and knowledge to be able to do a project like this."
- Dr. Bruce Vermilyea, Richland Center,WI

"My nieces and nephew really enjoyed listening to the CDs from their dad (Reel to Reel) when he was in Vietnam...even my brother listened to it. I'm so thankful that I had them made, and grateful for you doing such an amazing job with them."
- Karen Beuthin - Cross Plains, WI

 "Hi Joyal, I just wanted to let you know that my mom passed away May 21 in our home, peacefully in her sleep. I played the DVD you made at her funeral. People stood around and watched it over and over. Many commented on how nicely it was done. More than ever, I'm glad I put the extra effort into her 90th birthday as it was her last. Thank you for helping me make it special and for helping me and others celebrate her life."
- Marlene Cordes - Barneveld, WI

"Thanks for the beautiful photographic memories. Your professional talent and gracious client relations made our joint enterprise a real pleasure. I enjoyed working as a team to make my family’s history come alive and bring tears of joy to aging parents."
-  Ann Smiley, Middleton, WI

"Thank you so much for the beautiful job of bringing our happy memories home to us. You are a true gentleman and a credit to your profession. It was a pleasure working with you."
- Sandy Dvorak, Madison, WI

"Everyone was laughing and crying and blurting out funny memories! It was such a special moment for Adam and I to see pictures from both of our lives and then coming together. We are so thankful to you for organizing it all and providing such a special memory."
- Lindsey and Adam Nubern, Colorado Springs, CO

"When Mother’s day came around I was at a loss for a gift idea.  You came through and created the perfect gift.  Our family’s memories were relived with detail and the professionalism Holder Printworks placed in our project."
- The Rocha Family, Pennsauken, New Jersey

"Thank you so very much. I'm so happy with the movie, I cried- several times in fact! I'll sing your praises high and pass out your flyers..."
- Carol Brook, Madison, WI

 "Memories fade and disappear if they're not recovered from old movies and slides put away in the closet.  Creativity and animation interjected in the title and chapter headings definitely produced "Memory Joggers" we enjoyed.  We both highly recommend the value and products of Holder Printworks."
- Carl and Diana Bohman, Amherst, Wisconsin

"We were very happy to have Holder Printworks recommended to us. Joyal listened to our needs and was very helpful in assisting us in finishing our products.  Our family was very happy that we converted our 8 mm film to DVD for all of us to have memories of past times."
- Betty & Dick Detter, Madison, WI

"Our family was very excited to see all of our memories in a personalized case, with our own menu.  It was really easy, I just gave him the tapes and within a few weeks he gave us the finished product. Joyal told us the movies would be done by Friday, but we were leaving Thursday. He got them done and we left with the movies on Thursday!"
Pat O'Gara, O'Gara Publishing, Madison, WI

"The video was a huge hit, tears everywhere. My mom said it was the best birthday gift she ever received."
Keiko, Hakata, Japan

"The DVD was FANTASTIC!!! It arrived yesterday and I had the neighbors over for a beer and movie....they loved it. The photo on the DVD and case is hysterical and the music you chose was right on. Thanks again for all your help in executing the DVD....very much appreciated!"
- Soni Haag, Sun Prairie, WI

"We would like to take this time to thank you for the wonderful DVD you made for our wedding. It was fun putting 25 years of memories together. We hope that you were able to enjoy this as much as we did."
- Dave & Stephanie Weber, Colorado Springs, CO

"There aren’t enough words to show the gratitude I feel for the DVD you created for my family. It was bittersweet to be able to watch and hear my daughter’s laughter again. My entire family was glued to the television last night watching the home video. My younger children laughed as they watched their big sister play with them. I know that the DVD will be cherished for our lifetime. We can now watch it over and over again enjoying the memories of our complete family together living and loving one another. I can never thank you enough!"
- Ann Hartnett - Madison, WI

"The video was breathtaking! We have a perfect record of our celebration. Thank you for all the extra time and effort you put in for us."
- Shelly & Devin, Madison, WI

 "Hello Joyal! Just wanted to let you know that we accepted an offer 37 days after we listed our house. It's a free and clear offer with the buyers having already sold their home in Georgia. Think your pictures had anything to do with the quick sale? WE DO!"
- Jude and Barry Teicher, Madison, WI

"Thanks so much for transferring the audio. It sounds great and it's wonderful to hear his voice again."
- Kiel Harell, Madison, WI

"You did everything that I asked and more.  Even my husband finds your work professional. I just can't wait to show it off to everyone. You helped me make a treasure out of the old reels that sat in the corner of the closet for so many years."
- Rosemary Konzel, Pardeeville, WI