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Photo & Document Restoration

Time doesn't treat old photos and documents very kindly. Holder Printworks in Madison, Wisconsin, provides a variety of photo restoration and organization services so you can preserve all of your favorite moments. Once we scan your photos, we store them on archival digital media. They can be easily made into coffee table books, slideshows, or reprints. We apply the following to each photo as needed:

Scanning at 3200 DPI | Cropping | Retouching to Repair Imperfections | Red-Eye Removal | Color Correction





Man With Old Car, Kids on Bikes, and Two Women

Old-Timey Slideshows

Remember when dad used to pull out the old projector and slowly move through the carousel of slides while the bulb heated the room about another five degrees? Those were the good ol' days. If you still have those old slides, Holder Printworks will organize and archive your photos onto a DVD. One DVD can hold about 2,000 high-quality images. We can scan about 4,000 photos or 1,000 slides a week, so whether you have black and white photos, Polaroids™, lantern slides, or negatives, we can scan them all. Just as we do with our video transfer service, you can give us your favorite CD or mp3, and we'll set the slideshow to music. Dust off those boxes and give us a call today to get a quote on our services!

It's More Than a Photo Album Service—It's a Coffee Table Book

Have you ever found yourself paging through a beautiful coffee table book at your local book store? Perhaps it's one from National Geographic™ or something showing an exotic vacation spot featuring full-color pictures on glossy paper. Holder Printworks creates personalized coffee table books featuring your own photos on the same full-color glossy pages, complete with a hard cover! A keepsake book is the perfect gift for your parents on their anniversary, for capturing your child's first year of life, or chronicling your children from kindergarten to graduation. At last, you can give a unique gift book that contains personal history between the pages. With a great selection of styles and themes, you are sure to find something that will suit your personal tastes.

Photo Album

Document Safeguarding

Preserve important information with document safeguarding services by Holder Printworks. This is a great method of ensuring that valuable or sentimental documents are stored in an electronic form that is easily reproducible and printable. Unlike our other photo, video, and audio restoration services, this is the only type of project that we don't keep a copy of. See some of the more popular types of documents that we've helped preserve:

Insurance Policies | Birth Certificates | Old Letters & Drawings | Tax Information | Marriage Certificates | Deeds & Credit Cards | Legal Documents | Wills | Medical Directives | Investments